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america goes a long way to distinguish between radical islam and islam. >> are you making innocent americans out to be a villain right now? >> i said america goes a long way to make a distinction between radical islamist and muslims. >> are you veillainiz izizing t with this broadcast. these people are not radical islamists. these are innocent americans practicing their constitutional liberties, brother. >> i think on that day -- what what do you think? >> i haven't met a muslim that isn't offended by the exploitation of 9/11. they call this the muslim march against fear when muslims should march on ft. hood trial this week to demand for the death penalty. they should be protesting at the embassies of the saudi arabia embassy, iranian embassy and protesting all of the churches that are being burned by the muslim brotherhood and if you look at the greatest security threat to the world, it's radical muslims from within our house but you think it's appropriate to emphasize our fear in the country that gives us freedom. the march should be called how to radicalize muslims in one march.
, this point in time for america to start to lead -- this president to lead. to come before congress and get the approval of congress to do this, he should be able to make this case, i think if he tries to make it, he'll get the boot from congress. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate it, joining me with reaction to this developing story. ann coulter is with us. two big questions i have here. if they're not going for regime change, we have two big questions before us, number one, we have the israelis. now, if iran and syria are saying if they get a cruise missile attack, they're going to attack israel. is the president prepared to defend them? >> no. >> and number two. >> let's start with that one. >> wait a minute. we have to consider that. and what's the point then of lobbying missiles -- >> it's very depressing talking about foreign policy, whenever a democrat is president, because they don't care about america's national intraspective. that should be the only concern the man makes -- by the way, i don't think the president does have to go to congress to bomb someone. he's the comma
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it is partners with the young invincibles for a healthy young america contest. let's listen to her explain it. >> it's a new, exciting, online video contest that we've got $30,000 in prizes that are up for grabs in a contest that showcases the law's benefits and importance of health insurance for young people. we're encouraging folks to create a song or a graphic or a video about the law's benefits, like staying on their parents plan until they are 26, not being denied coverage of a preexisting health condition. or staying healthy with free preventive services. >> let me get this straight. the administration is willing to giveaway $30,000 to try and have young people convince their peers that obama care is good for them. this is nuts. all right, joining me now, the author of, number one on amazon for over a week, "the liberty amendments," mark levin from his bunker. sir, how are you? >> i'm good, how are you, sean? >> i guess next they'll be singing songs to castro after this, mark. >> yeah, why not? i mean, we're adopting the castro agenda, aren't we? obama care is a -- not only is it a comp
america. >> remember back in 2009 the u.s. unilaterally broke our security agreement at the behest of russia? what has that gotten us? >> i remember the headlines, that said "betrayed". the poland and czechs learned that if we stand up with the united states we are not going to stand with them. we aren't strong, we around bold. when you negotiate with the former kgb, you want to be the dominant personality, those two things are very important. it is going to be hard to talk about letting snowden into the united states. putin looks into the eyes of barack obama. if there was a strong personality there, and someone who was willing to put out a strategy, he would react to that. i see the hand that he is playing. >> senator, isn't it em bar rasing to see him suck up to him the way that he has? >> i think so. >> i think it is. >> senator? >> once he started his administration on the apology tour. he is looking for the love of the world when we need respect. we need to show that we are the world's leader. then russia would start respecting us. we need to start encouraging nato expansion.
states of america. oh, really, watch this. >> we recognize that change takes time. and that a process like this is never guaranteed. there are examples in recent history of countries that are transitioned out of a military government towards a democratic government and did not always go in a straight line and the process was not always smooth. there are going to be false starts. there will be difficult days. america's democratic journey took us through mighty struggles to perfect our union. >> a few short moments after makes those quite ignorant remarks, guess where the commander in chief was spotted. after that, he was playing golf on the golf course. which leaves me with one simple question. is he really that out of touch or does he simply not care? here to help answer the question, patrick j. buchanan, fox news analyst, juan williams. patrick j. buchanan, precipitated this. now he was lecturing the military which is getting rid of the radical islamist. is this the foreign policy that america needs? >> i think the things are out of control in cairo as far as the president is concern
of course, america's longest standing ally, great britain, declined to join the coalition against syria. we're here with connie mack and dennis kucinich. thanks for joining us. congressman mack, the layers upon layers of irony here, this president-elected on a platform against unilateral military action, running basically against the legacy of a president who used wmd to justify a war. we're now in the very same position. bittersweet for you watching it? >> it's hard to say bittersweet because there's so much on the line. our national security is on the line. the integrity and the belief system of our country is on the line. and president obama has been a disaster when it comes to foreign policy. if you just look at this one case, he talks about a red line. today, secreta secretary kerry e case for crossing that red line and then basically, surrender. he has been a contradiction to himself and this has made america less safe around the world. you know, as an american, i'm appalled that we are now looked around the world and our enemies are laughing at us. they don't think we have any credib
'm talking about leaders in america including parents, they need to get involved with this. why aren't we hearing from those examples and those who say that they have our best interests at heart? >> well, let me just be blunt with you. why aren't we hearing from civil rights leaders? i don't see the civil rights leaders out there leading marches and protests against violence, against the drug dealers, against the bad schools. saying to young women, hey, this is madness. i guess now it's about 30% of the white babies born to single moms, 50% of the hispanics, and as we just heard from colonel west, 70 plus percent of the black kids. where's the leadership to speak to that issue? to me there's a huge gap. even when president obama tries to speak to it, immediately there's a backlash. why are you talking down the black people? you remember jesse jackson threatened to castrate him. i just think that is another sign that these people are all in bed, literally sometimes, with the pornographers. a blind eye to the drug dealers, a blind eye to the people who tell you it's thug life or no life. th
to hire people. >> this is good for your business. >> it's good for our business, but not good for america. and that's the important thing, are we for interested in our business or america. i'm more interested in america than i am in our own business. 94% of all the companies over 50 employees had health insurance. there's only 6% of them that was going to affect anybody. we have health insurance in our company for every temporary associate. >> i worked for manpower once, i needed a job for a short period. they gave me a sickle, they said see that grass? go cut it. >> we have 80,000 employees a day. >> let me take a break, i promise we'll get to everybody. and the campaign to derail obama care has now taken over the air waive waves. we'll get reaction from our studio audience. we want to get -- follow the show, share your thoughtses on obama care or you can join us on twitter at sean hannity. ♪ [ male announcer ] over the last 100 years, tennis has gotten a lot less dainty, rackets less splintery, courts more surfacey. technology made the game a whole lot faster and awesomer. it's kind o
trying to protect america, and i have confidence in general alexander and the people at the nsa. i have no confidence in the department of justice, the top floor of it. i have no confidence in the west wing of the white house, but i do have confidence in the intelligence agency of the united states. these things we know about through the leaks of snowden we know because they were reports reported to the appropriate authorities to say, we have identified a problem. someone mistakenly entered the code for d.c. versus a code for another country. that generated 7,000 records that should not have been captured. >> that's what we're worried about, karl. that's exactly what we're worried about. >> and reported it. and reported it had. >> karl, thank you so much. great to see you. >>> coming up next when "hannity" continues, a 22-year-old college athlete is dead. the details surrounding his brutal murder will leave you stunned. >> he's turning blue he said. >> all right. is he breathing? is he conscious? is he talk being to you? what's he doing? >> he's not conscious. is he still breathing? bar
. and that is -- it seems to me that al qaeda has america on the run right now. there are two issues that the president and vice president ran on. one was al qaeda is pretty much done, defeated. listen. >> most of all, al qaeda's top lieutenants have been defeated. >> i said i'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at them, and i did. the goal that i set to defeat al qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now within our reach. >> thanks to air force personnel who did their part. osama bin laden is no longer a threat to our country. we put al qaeda on the path to defeat. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> al qaeda's on a path to defeat and osama bin laden's dead. al qaeda's on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> we have eliminated osama bin laden. that was our purpose. >> they ran on that, and they ran on saving detroit. listen to this. >> when my opponents and others were arguing we should let detroit go bankrupt. we made a bet on american workers and the ingenuity of american companies and our auto industry is back on top. >> we refused to throw in the tow
is all set to use the housing department to, quote, diversify neighborhoods all across america. sounds like social engineering. >> if nbc dares to run a planned mini series on hillary, raines priebus has decreed it will have no money in the bank. >> media mash, "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> it's starting to take a toll according to a newly released fox news poll. 52% now disapprove of the president's job performance. now, this number skyrocketed five percentage points from just last month and it's no wonder the american people are starting to lose faith. corruption is running rampant. obama care is a mess. our foreign relations have never been worse and just this week the white house spin machine came out in full force after president obama canceled next month's bilateral meeting with russian president vladimir putin. we all know it's just a show and today we learn that the president will hold a press conference tomorrow before he heads to martha's vineyard for vacation. to add to this, the always shy demur ann coulter. how are you? >> fine, thank you. so looking forward t
, a day you call a post-constitutional america. explain what you mean by that, give examples of what you see that defines that. >> well, the entire construct of the constitution is intended to prevent what's happening today, this centralized, concentrated power of government. a handful of lawyers on the supreme court issuing edicts. the president of the united states legislating and ruling by fiat. congress involved in every aspect of our life. this is all contrary to the we can't defund it. you're stuck with it. but the more our government legislates and operates like this, the worse it gets. the barriers, the firewalls to the constitution have been breached. >> you talk and go in to great detail that the left has been the progressives, the statists, as you call them, have been successful. in other words, beyond their wildest dreams. which is why you say post-constitutional america. now, how does this give more power to the states and what was the anticipated? you quote the federalist papers a lot throughout the book. what were they intending by putting this specific process in to place
had three american young people two whites and one black who died trying to make america better. i don't know what is going on. >> where is the president on this? >> i don't know if you let me finish you will hear me say this. i do think that the president should peak out on this. i think this is an opportunity to speak to the general problem of youth violence and the state of our youth violence in america generally speaking. no, i mean i don't think we should run over that. i want us to talk to meech other not just over each other. >> first of all, it is great to be on with you and my sister santita. sean, you and your producers are appropriate and quite brilliant to have two children of great civil rights leader. i agree with her, that we have come a long way since churner, cheney and goodman since they were murdered. i would call for attorney general heolder to investigate this vicious brutal murder of the man in spokane and also on this australian student and see if this was a hate crime. i think the president has had the wrong in strin k. every time he has come out publicly he has
'm not saying anything about mlb or anything that's going on. i'm saying this is a process, this is america, you have the opportunity to defend yourself, and i think the process, like all americans, will have the opportunity to defend ourselves in a due process, and i think that's what we'll have today and i'll have my day. >> the 38-year-old also vowed to repeal and fight the suspension, and with a repeal, he remains eligible to play until a decision is reached. he did admit a year ago that he used performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003, but he has repeatedly denied using them since then. fox's own adam hounsley. adam, what do you got? >> it's been quite a circus for alex rodriguez the last few months as mlb did their best to try to get him to agree to a suspension. 12 others have all agreed to some sort of suspension, depending on the time and the length, but a-rod was the one holdout. the reason we're told that suspension is longer than the others is due to the fact he tried to cover up his involvement and even hinder the investigation itself. he claimed that did not happen. he does no
, hang on. the average payer, the average 30-year mortgage in america right now because of the change in the interest rates, as we have kwan tative easing forever is paying $174 per month. as middle class incomes have dropped $5,000 give or take depending on where you are in the country these are the realities people face. and a program that's been going on for 30 years, since the a-corn sittins of homeownership for people who frankly, may not be able to afford that home. >> i have so many things to say. first i went with a realtor for an open house. this was an middle class home. over 500 people showed up. we obviously have it here in southern california. more people trying to purchase homes than there are homes to purchase. secondly, when you talk about the president, it is not his job to create jobs and i find it funny -- >> what? >> always want less government. it is not the president's job to create jobs. >> really! >> it is the private segtor's job to create jobs. they had plenty of opportunities with the bush tax cuts and they didn't. and additionally the republicans were not e
of america, 3.5 million people who are homeless. >> if we don't have the jobs, can we afford the mortgages? >> no, we cannot. you know what else -- >> let me jump in here for a second. i want to explain this a little bit better to our audience. santita, if somebody works hard, they want to move into a particular community and there was any effort to discriminate against them, that's a legitimate claim. >> absolutely. >> that would be discrimination perhaps based on race or color, ethnicity, whatever it happens to be. >> or sexual orientation. >> but that's very different. seem like they're trying to engineer this somehow through government interventions and programs. that's the antithesis of freedom because then the government is orchestrating that. >> you know, absolutely. and i don't believe in government interference but i certainly do believe in government intervention. little rock 9 had that when they desegregated the schools back in arkansas. they intervened. when they went into the public schools, when the kids started attacking some of the students the national guard said hands off
called the last general in one of america's longest wars. >> what's not changed is the will of this coalition. >> joe dun ford works around the clock and is constantly on the move. >> the people of afghan -- >> at nato supreme headquarters in belgium. >> i also look forward to working with general dunford. >> and the nation's capital washington, d.c. >> what's your view? general? what's your number? >> senator, i'm not going to give you a number, i'm going to give you a range. >> dunford follows a number of high generals who held the host. in 2013 he took command. we travelled to the battlefield to hear from the general firsthand. >> give me your sense of what victory is in this fight? >> we'll win when the afghan security forces are capable of providing security here in afghanistan. what we're trying to do now is to ensure that never again can afghanistan be used as a center for terrorism. >> jack keane served 47 years in the u.s. army. >> dunford earned the nickname fighting joe in iraq when as a colonel he led team five in their drive forth. you and i met each
stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: do you believe america is in a post-constitutional period and that there is this was anticipated by our framers in 1787 and there is a mechanism created that would allow amendments to begin in the states? i'm not explaining it as well as you. >> i think we need to stop fooling ourselves i've read other books, you look at the government today it's not a representative repub lichblgt you've got a massive bureaucracy pushing out thousands of laws. you look at the supreme court jun one justice issues these breath taking laws that have affect on the entirety of vote soet. you have the president of the united states brazenly rewriting laws and saying if congress doesn't act, he will act. then have you congress writing massive laws under the cover of dark issuing them quickly on matters they don't have right to legislate about and conferring enormous authority delegating lawmaker authorities to executive branch. it's not really a federal republic. and for 100 years progressive movement have been chiseling away at
america is now in a post constitutional period and that there is -- that was anticipated by our framers in 1787. and there is a mechanism that they have created that would allow amendments to begin in the states. i'm not explaining it as well as you. i want to you lay out the case. >> i think we have to stop fooling ourselves. i've written other books about political philosophy and conservatism and nonconservatism. you look at the government today. it is not really a representative republic. you have a massive bureaucracy pushing out 3,000 laws every year. nobody has voted for them. nobody knows who they are. you look at the supreme court today. one justice moving one direction or the other. the breath taking laws which have affected the entirety of society. rewriting laws and saying if congress doesn't act, he will act. then you have congress writing these massive laws under the cover of dark, issuing them quickly on matters they don't have any write to legislate about. and conferring enormous authority, delegating to the executive branch. it is not really a representative of public. i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 69 (some duplicates have been removed)